Intimidating bullies

08-Jan-2020 18:33

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Bullying may occur more frequently in work environments that: Bullying can have significant, serious effects on physical and mental health.While leaving a job or changing departments could end the bullying, this isn’t always possible.For example, objective and constructive criticism and disciplinary action directly related to workplace behavior or job performance aren’t considered bullying.But criticism meant to intimidate, humiliate, or single someone out without reason would be considered bullying.It forms a pattern, and it tends to be directed at one person or a few people.A few examples of bullying include: Criticism or monitoring isn’t always bullying.Bullying behaviors might be: Bullying behavior is repeated over time.This sets it apart from harassment, which is often limited to a single instance.

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But if most people would see a specific behavior as unreasonable, it’s generally bullying.First, take a moment to remind yourself that bullying is never your fault, regardless of what triggered it.