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29-Sep-2019 15:39

Not only is his personal life and romance to fiancée and baby mama Savannah Brinson scrutinized, but he also knows how Lamar Odom feels considering he’s also had women claim to the media that he’s not faithful to Savannah.

Although Le Bron denies the allegations, his denials haven’t managed to make the rumors go away.

Delonte has an estimated net worth of 0 thousand as of 2019.

Spiraling debts have left West more than 0,000 in the red and facing foreclosure on one of his two Maryland homes.

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We want to make a statement Tall and handsome Delonte West is a well-known American professional basketball player.

Although it was a very controversial move and he caught a lot of backlash for it, Le Bron James’ move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat is one of the biggest reasons he can finally call himself a champion.

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