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07-Aug-2020 14:22

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We're going to buy our little brother a bass, he's a freshman in high school.

In an interview with Billboard, however, Nathan outlined how they told RCA, "We don't want to be Evan and Jaron.According to Rolling Stone magazine, "While Ivan preached at churches and tent revivals throughout Oklahoma and the Deep South, his boys attended services and were occasionally enlisted to bang on some drums".They were either home-schooled by their mother, or enrolled in small parochial schools at this time.While there, they met songwriter Angelo Petraglia, who helped the siblings hone their songwriting skills and introduced them to the musical influences of Thin Lizzy, the Rolling Stones and the Clash in particular.

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The youngest of the three boys, Jared, who had briefly attended public school, was more influenced by the music of the Pixies and the Velvet Underground.

The release of Holy Roller Novocaine gave the Kings of Leon a significant amount of exposure, receiving a 4/5 star rating from Rolling Stone magazine.