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07-Dec-2019 13:19

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Bristlr marks themselves as “much like Tinder, is a networking site for finding people you might like to meet up with.

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Plus, you get to sort by location, making it easy for busy people to find people close by.

Only the people you’re interested in get to view your profile.

When you’ve browsed all the profiles, you hit a “You’ve Seen It All Page,” and that’s it.

Circles is also attempting to limit overexposure, as users are served Facebook “snapshots” of potential matches, and just click “yes,” “no,” or “skip.” If you click “yes,” both users are notified, Circles sends you both emails, and lets you take it from there.

If you click no, you won’t see that snapshot again, and that person never sees your profile.We wonder how many Santa impersonations will be popping up this month?