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As a child, Cha Jae-Wan (later played by Lee Dong-Wook) was a beggar.

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You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. One day, Jae-Wan killed the leader of the group by accident and he passed out. A man, Lee Joong-Goo (Lee Deok-Hwa), tells Cha Jae-Wan that his father, Ah Sung-Won, abandoned him and his mother.Jae-Wan vows to take revenge on his father for his deceased mother. I always read reviews before watching and this was mostly recommended. I've watched many dramas from various countries and movies from many countries, and I would like to say that this is one of the best things i've ever watched. Beak Mi Nyeo n Lee joong goo are well qualified in their role, did an amazing job.For more biographies on South-Asian actor and actress follow frostsnow.

Lee Dong Wook was born on November 6, 1981, to the Korean parents in Seoul, South Korea. Lee Dong-wook made his acting debut in 1999 and he served as an MC on the show “ Strong Heart”.

Lee Dong-wook was raised by his parents where he was born. He has always wanted to appear in a historical drama, although he imagined the role he would play would be a warrior or king.