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Keith Ellison Can you design a Rorschach test that's going to make everyone feel something every time - and that looks like a Rorschach test?

It's easy to show a picture of a kitten or a car accident.

The most common reaction is, 'How can you be depressed? You are the supposed number one heroine and have a plush home, car, movies... ' Deepika Padukone Maybe the bike is more dangerous, but the passion for the car for me is second to the bike.

Valentino Rossi No matter how good a driver you are, you have to have the right car and the right team behind you in order to succeed.

The question is, how abstract can you get and still get the audience to feel something when they don't know what's happening to them?

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gets pressed against a car by a police officer, and he starts crying because it's so humiliating.I'm sort of like a lame, single guy in a red sports car. A man with a financial background may know nothing about manufacturing shoes or cars, but he's put in charge anyway. Edwards Deming When I was at BMW and Aston Martin, I realized how difficult and how many resources it takes to create a car - let alone a car company.