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29-Jun-2020 11:00

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There is no better place, in my humble opinion, to meet them than at fundraising events which is, frankly, one of the most low-pressure settings for meeting potential dates that I can think of.

When we first started looking for MILFs around us we tried our hand at a few different dating sites and ultimately, found the most success on one.

This is a platform with over 50 million active users fully committed to connecting people with other like-minded individuals who want to indulge in the pleasures of abundant sex.

We don’t recommend many site or apps for guys who are just looking for sex but when we do it’s usually Adult Friend Finder.

Music shows can also be a low budget way to meet older women.

A lot of shows happen outdoors or for free in new bars or cafes.

Let's face it: our lives are lived online a lot of the time - not all the time, but a lot. All I can say is, if you are like me and want to hit the ground running, look no further than this site.

None of the inane and uninspiring dinner dates followed by boring movies or elaborate romantic gestures, where you end up looking like a fool and stuck in the friend zone.

Guys like us face more rejection; we are scoffed at by women who can't imagine themselves with younger guys.

Let's face it: there is a lot to prove before you can even get a phone number, an Instagram handle, or some thing.

These were my favorite spots: Older women love going to shows with solo artists, involving guitars, weird instruments, some heavy vocals, and lots of mood lighting.

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Ok, so this isn't scientifically proven, but one day it will be.

They are all kicking it on trivia night at your local dive bar. Coffee shops and cafes are excellent places to meet milfs.