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Alternatively, conflict may be expressed in direct yet verbally aggressive ways (e.g., yelling or name-calling).

Styles of communication are often formed by observation and direct experience of our primary role models in childhood. D., has found that poor conflict management is the number one predictor of divorce in couples.

This attachment style also affects how we experience ourselves, and in turn how we are in relationships." Ahead, Bergen explains how our childhood experiences provide a model for our adult relationships, what we can do to break a negative cycle, and how we can raise the next generation.

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For example, I read that the relationship you have with your opposite-sex parent predicts the kind of relationships you'll have with boyfriends or girlfriends in adulthood. This also works in reverse, in the sense that we may search for the opposite of a father who was stoic and uninvolved.

Encourage children to "use their words" rather than their behaviors only to express how they are feeling.