My dropbox is not updating absolute dating of the pennsylvanian period

11-Apr-2020 03:51

Then you open in on another computer (ONLY using File-No, it doesn't update it.

I think it might have something to do with the "comparing files" part of the opening process.

Since using this new ‘Dropbox’ facility after upgrading to ver.

5.5 RC2 my data isn’t being updated to my other PC.

my dropbox is not updating-52

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Next, ask them to try again to share the folder by using the ‘Sharing’ menu on their Dropbox home page to do it, and by specifically avoiding any approach that uses the word ‘ Now, you can simply accept that invitation via the Dropbox client.

But your recipient will never see any future file updates, and nothing they change will be reflected back to you.

If your intention is to collaborate within a workgroup and this happens, it can obviously be a significant source of frustration.

I made a note, went to Tools Open from Dropbox and selected the Data file generated by my previous EPIM session on the first computer.

After signing into Dropbox to allow EPIM, the old Data file found in (C/Users/****/App Data/Roam…) wass loaded instead of the updated one I planted in Dropbox a short while ago.At least, thats what we we had done, but it just didn’t work. All the new files then turned up in a fresh copy of the folder with a different version number. What I’ve learned is that Dropbox is working fine, but some aspects of the Dropbox user interface, specifically some confusing terminology, makes it easy to think you’re doing it right, when you’re actually just… The distinction is determined by the person who initiates the ‘Sharing’ operation, and if they have chosen the wrong mechanism, the outcome can be different to what you expect.

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