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31-Mar-2020 14:31

Emre: This is why Isabel Briggs Myers found an interested clientele for her product in the 1940s. Whyte publishes the book , which is thinking precisely about the kind of person you have to be in order to be considered a good fit within a corporate workplace.This conversation about what kind of worker looks like a good fit for a white-collar job has definitely been around for a while.In the 1940s, she sees the rise of all of these new personality tests that are supposed to match workers to the jobs that are best suited to them.She takes issue with many of these tests because they divide workers into good workers and bad workers, or workers who have a normal personality and workers with an abnormal personality.It’s really more that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator pulled ahead as the leading tool around which these conversations were oriented in the [email protected]: As the test was distributed, was there criticism because it was a marketing tool rather than an educational [email protected]: You mentioned the growth of this type of testing in the 1980s.

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These companies are all using it to have their CEOs assess themselves, to interview job candidates, to figure out whether or not you should charge certain people with certain type profiles higher premiums for their life insurance. It’s these individual clients or individual corporations.Mac Kinnon would administer [the Myers-Briggs], along with a number of other psychological tests and role-playing situations and interviews and things like that, to possible operatives whose personalities he was trying to assess.