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17-Mar-2020 17:14

The new email service from Microsoft looks modern and comes with virtually unlimited email storage space.

Make sure to teach your children from an early age the difference between dating and sex.While most users are enjoying the new service and happy with the clean, advertisement free and uncluttered interface, some users aren’t happy with the metro-inspired design.Users who had signed up for to explore the new email service and now want to close the account can complete the below-mentioned steps to close the account and delete all personal information.Step 3: Under Managing your account, you will see the Account details (password, addresses, time zone) option.

Click on it to open the Microsoft account overview page where you can edit and update your personal and security info, and also close the account. Click on it to see Close your Microsoft account page.Please note that Microsoft reserves your email address for 270 days after closing your account, and other people won’t be able to get that email address during that time.