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02-Nov-2019 13:18

Wallace Huo here, he several years ago and Nicky Wu co star in "litigation culture".With Liu Shishi in "female biography" Princess medicine last year, this is the fourth time Wallace Huo and Liu Shishi cooperation. More wonderful is that two years ago, Vivian's wedding is in Bali at the, at that time, our as a bridesmaid, also moved to tears in the scene.

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Korean drama Full House starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo is getting a Chinese remake.

The amount of work poured in to decorate the venue is no joke. 27 in Chinese sounds similar to Ai Qi (爱妻) = beloved wife.

For games, the men have to sing many songs before winning the right to see the bride.

Bride maids: Annie Liu, Ye Qing, and Cristy Guo Xiao Ting.

Groomsmen: Little Tigers’ Alec Su and Julian Chen, and Yuan Hong. Wife’s parents on left side, husband’s parents on right side. Vivian Hsu's really popular, is to take off the fame, those movies, but also she is not willing to face the black history.

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