Nintex error updating a list item

06-Nov-2019 06:22

Below script code, you can add to a script editor web part or to a content editor web part and it will work for both Share Point Online as well as Share Point On-premises.You can also check, Create, Update and Delete List items using Java Script Object Model (JSOM) in Share Point Online/2013/2016.Tried using pauses, replaced with Set Field Value, Commit Pending Changes, logging, changed list permissions. I had the inspiration of asking if they have any contacts in a different time zone - I was suspecting that there might be some locking issue due to network latency (crazy, I even went there! Then one of the users asked if this wouldn't occur because they changed the Time Zone in the Regional Settings. Replaced the Update Item action with a Call Web Service action, captured the response.If you are using Share Point workflows to update Share Point List items, I am 100% sure that you might have seen the errors given in the below table.Another custom list (steps) has items detailing the things to be done in each phase.So the first item in the Steps list might have a title of "Request Received" and a Description that says "Please do some tasks that cannot be automated, like have a meeting." The items in the Procedures list has a field called "Current Step"; which is a lookup to the title of the Step list.

If you try and update the same item (though different fields) multiple times in a workflow, it can cause errors.

Now, we will see how to update a Share Point list item using Rest API.

You can use the below code to update the list item using Rest API in Share Point.

Because of this you will get the access denied problem with the below error.

nintex error updating a list item-82

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“The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information.” This approach will change the modified by user value with the user name credential which we are passing to this web service action.If your answer is YES then please go through the root cause for these errors and design your workflows accordingly.

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