Nonverbal dating behaviors

10-Sep-2020 13:50

It will break gaze by doing gaze shifting from time to time when too long eye contact with human is occurred.Also, it will perform turn-taking on its head nodding behaviour similar to human-human interaction (Fig. In this study, we conducted an experiment on face-to-face, human-robot interaction.Robotics technology, especially social robots, interactive robots, or collaborative robots, has been immensely developed as a part of our daily life.It has been integrated in our living environments, for example, in school.However, for human-robot interaction, it is still unclear whether there is nonverbal behaviour compatibility between human and robot or not and it leaves following unanswered questions.Firstly, does specific means and strategy of robot’s nonverbal behaviour influences and enhances likability from human with different personality traits (Introvert and Extravert)?Although the developments of robotics technology have been remarkably improved, the uncertainty to completely engage in the interactions with robots is still broadly arisen among users or humans due to their concerns on safety.

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With Turn-taking strategy, the robot will not always look at its interactional partner.Human’s personality is one of the human factors that is widely investigated, especially in introversion-extraversion dimension.

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