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13-Oct-2019 23:38

Look out for your child moving to new platforms to chat.

Offenders sometimes encourage young people to move from a public forum, to a game, or more private chat apps or sites.

In particular, younger children can struggle to identify risks they may face whilst online and require supervision to learn these skills.

Encourage young people to use their devices in spaces where some level of supervision is possible, for example, a family room or living room Encourage your child to identify safe and trusted adults.

Adults can exploit this natural curiosity by talking about sex and introducing new things that might be inappropriate.

However, it’s important to consider whether your child is developmentally ready to be left unsupervised whilst gaming or chatting.

Developmental stage: Children’s brains are still developing so it is hard for them to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

When they are online they feel invisible and more confident to engage in behaviour that they would not do in ‘real life’.

Fear: Adults can pressure, intimidate and coerce children into doing things that they are not ready for.

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Therefore it is important that a child knows that they are not to blame and that reporting to CEOP or in the app can help protect them and others in the future.

No matter how young your child is, if they are using a device that has the internet- it is important to talk to them about people who contact them online.