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22-Jan-2020 03:41

Finding out about the people in your spouse's various social networks and how he or she uses social networking sites is never a bad idea. Obsession with immediately responding to text messages, emails, and Facebook or Twitter messages is another sign that something fishy is going on.

However, this warning sign must be considered among others.

If you are a friend, do you know all your spouse's contacts?

Even if you don't know them all personally, do you know how your spouse knows them?

A spouse who is suddenly extra nice or extra mean could be compensating for an affair.

One might be super sweet out of guilt or super mean in the hopes of justifying his or her behavior.

The Internet history can tell you something about the pages your spouse—and anyone else who has used the computer—has been visiting.

One telling sign of an affair is a change in your spouse's behavior.

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Here is a checklist of warning signs that your spouse is crossing the line and committing online cheating- Someone having online affairs or reaching out to strangers for cybersex will keep email and cell phones protected with passwords and pin numbers.

Whether either one of you is committing online cheating, you should sit down and have a conversation about what you feel is appropriate online behavior for married people.

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