Outlook 2016 inbox updating local

12-Oct-2020 05:41

Items from an Exchange account are stored in the Outlook cache.If this cache becomes corrupted, it may cause synchronization problems with the Exchange server.Also, it looks like the entire month of June has gone missing in Outlook but the emails are luckily still available on the server.

Configure Outlook to store the “This computer only” folders within a pst-file so you won’t risk losing them and also making it easier to back them up.

Both methods will allow you to restore these items to Outlook and/or the mail server later on.

If any of your folders of your mailbox in Outlook are marked with “This computer only”, you’ll need to copy or export the contents of these folders as well before resetting your cache.

Corruptions in the cache are rare (especially for Exchange based accounts) but can still happen under various circumstances like an unexpected shutdown or crash of your computer or Outlook.

In these cases, it might be best to reset the local cache of Outlook and let it rebuild.Jesse Dagilis has been a project/program manager for more than seven years, working in both small business and corporate environments. in business management and marketing from Boston University and is pursuing her technical M.