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12-May-2020 17:00

If it fails again, restart Outlook using the /resetnavpane switch.To do this, press the Windows key R to open the run command, then type or paste /resetnavpane in the Open field and click Ok.This can slow down the app or even force it to exert total indifference to your commands. This fix involves Windows Registry editing, so be careful – even a tiny mistake can do much harm: Now check Outlook. Then jump to the following method – many users have reported it to be an effective fix for Outlook issues.The ‘Outlook not responding’ issue might stem from your corrupt user profile. Persistent Outlook problems might mean the app have been tampered with by some unwelcome guest.If it is, be patient and wait for the process to complete, since a large number of resources are being used – Outlook cannot respond properly for this very reason.If Outlook 2013 doesn’t respond, your OS might need immediate updating.To begin with, let’s disable it temporarily: Finally, you should exit Firewall and restart your computer. Your Microsoft Office might be corrupt, which means you should fix it.

You will lose any customizations and will need to redo the panes.To check if that is your case, take a look at the status bar at the bottom of the screen.There you can find the information that the manager is being in use at the moment.We advise you to turn off your antivirus product and see if the issue persists.

If it is, try to configure the software to allow Outlook on your PC.Select the Shortcut tab in the Properties dialog then select Maximized in the Run field. If problems continue or you are using another version of Outlook, the first troubleshooting step is to start Outlook in Safe mode.