Rhiannon fish and reece mastin dating

28-Jul-2020 07:59

For education, she attended the Camberwell Girls Grammar School.She graduated from the Children’s Performing Company of Australia in 2008. A lot of girls are answering this question claiming to be his actual girlfriend. His own Wiki page even confirms that =P Olivia (Liv) Mastin, Georgina (Georgie) Mastin and Phillipa Mastin!

Before Reece and Jack, Rhiannon had an affair with her Home and Away’s co-star, Lincoln Lewis from 2010 till 2012.Rhiannon was in a relationship with Australian singer, Reece Mastin. Not long after they made their relationship official, rumors began circulating that the two were engaged. Rhiannon and her then-boyfriend, Reece, tried to survive a long-distance relationship as Rhiannon moved to LA and Reece was in Australia.But things didn’t work out between the two, and they split in February 2015.She was passionate about acting and decided she wanted to pursue that path when she was eleven.

Her big break came when she played Lisa Jefferies in the show Neighbors back in 2003.

We were joined at the hip from the moment we met, pretty much, and had every intention of getting engaged and married. I thought it’d be forever.”.” Her rumored boyfriend also lived in Los Angeles, which made her fans believe that the two were a real thing.