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People came to see musicals to have a good time laugh and kind of forget about it by the time they hit the pavement. But quickly Sammy turned me around and put his back to the audience and tried to cover my body. And it blew away the moment and we went right back and did the rest of the show. Michael Kantor: Why do you think Sammy was such a lightning rod for controversy? He's living during a period of intense segregation in America, where you know Black people and White people were basically separate, primarily in the South but also in the North. You know like a lightning rod, comes up in the 50’s and becomes a major dynamo in terms of entertaining. In the Black community sometimes there were saying, “Sammy forgot where he came from.” And the White community says, “Who's this Black guy who thinks he can hang out and go to Sardi's, go to these clubs you know.” So he had to deal with both sides of the road all the time. I mean when there was a controversy that he was dating Kim Novak, the people in the Black community said he forgot where he came from.

was a serious musical about a serious topic, which was in this case, how would a young Black man with ambition deal with the fever heat of his ambition? It was so bad in Detroit she had to have a bodyguard with her. You know and people recognize he's a fabulous entertainer and then he makes all these connections, the Sinatra connection, the Kim Novak connection, the Rat Pack connection, and he's a guy who was just standing out there front and center. You know when he married May Britt there were Black women saying, “Well why is this Black man marrying a white woman?

Michael Kantor: What's interesting is James Brown is also a Nixon supporter right? You know people would cross the street when they saw Sammy Davis, Jr. Laurence Maslon: Do you think that was part and parcel of Sammy's dilemma that he worked so hard to assimilate for decades that when he embraced the Black Power movement he was seen as somehow inauthentic? I mean he was like you know he was like embraced by the Black community. Unless you're of that generation it was like passé by the time the 60’s came along. The complexion in terms of here is a short dark Black man. But the thing that people don't remember is that she always had a constant tan.

And isn't it James Brown who you know, “Say it loud I'm black and I'm proud.” Do you think Sammy took something from that or are they at other ends of the- Sam Pollard: I think they both understood the idea that we live in a capitalist nation and capitalism was a very important part as we all know of what America is all about and that's what James Brown is all about. When James Brown you know was seen with Nixon at the White House the Black community was also upset with him but not to the same level that they were with Sammy Davis, Jr. Michael Kantor: You know I always wanted to ask you Sam, I saw that at that Kennedy inaugural ball doesn't Harry Belafonte bring his white wife, or Sidney Poitier, and that's not a big deal for them? I didn't think she was White when I was growing up you know until later I realized she was White. It was just such a difference to see these two together.

Sammy Davis, Jr.: An atmosphere of interplay between people. I neither want to be a professional Jew, nor a professional Black, nor a professional do-gooder.

The only thing that I want to be a professional at is my performance.

Josh Hamilton: We’re here with executive producer of American Masters, Michael Kantor, director Sam Pollard and writer/co-producer Larry Maslon, three members of the film team behind . Michael Kantor: I think way back I gave Larry, a copy of the book of photos that Sammy took.

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You didn't really see it in movies, didn't really see it on the Broadway stage, you certainly never saw it on television. She didn't realize that there's still all this rage and anger toward Black people. From reading the book you know and listening to her it had to be a very terrifying moment for those two on that stage. And we were in the middle of the show, in “I Want To Be With You,” the love scene, and Sammy kissed me. He always had to struggle with this sort of dual identity, in some ways what Du Bois calls double consciousness of America, for Black people in America. Sam Pollard: You know I find it pretty fascinating, because this was another element I didn't know about Sammy's story, about how he was treated by the Kennedy administration when Kennedy won the presidency and he had the inaugural ball and he was disinvited. You know obviously a Democratic supporter of John F. And I said most of the people even the militants, they want to feel like they got a stake in America.

Sammy Davis, Jr., boldly strove to achieve the American Dream in a time of racial prejudice and shifting political territory.

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