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Meeting with Pakistani journalists on Thursday, Mr.

Khan dismissed using “jihadi organizations” against India in Kashmir.

Just last month Pakistanis felt more upbeat about their country’s prospects. Khan had returned from a visit to the White House where he met with Mr. But India’s swift action days later to strip Kashmir of its autonomy plunged Pakistan back into isolation.“The U. has again let us down, and those who were starry-eyed about the American trip have got a wake-up call,” Senator Mushahid Hussain said in a speech this week.

A Gatineau substitute teacher is facing a string of sex charges, with police alleging that some of the offences against a minor happened while the man was at work at an unidentified high school.

As Pakistan marks its independence day next week, it increasingly feels like a nation with its back against the wall, with few options to protect its existential interests.

Its economy is teetering on the brink of collapse, and its international allies have either stayed silent over Kashmir or defected in support of India.

Pakistan hopes to make the case that it has moved against militant groups and should be taken off the gray list on which the watchdog placed it last year.

Pakistan deeply fears it could be blacklisted and denied access to international financial markets at a time when it desperately needs loans to stay afloat.

But when India stripped the Indian-controlled region of Kashmir of its autonomy this week, Pakistan’s reaction appeared to be limited to high-level hand-wringing.

André Lessard, 54, appeared in court in Gatineau on Thursday and was charged with sexual interference, sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, child luring, exposure, possession of child pornography and making child pornography available.

Police said the investigation lasted several weeks and included multiple search warrants.

In doing so, Pakistan employed one of its greatest sources of leverage with the United States.

Those talks are now nearing a conclusion, with American negotiators sitting across the table from their Taliban counterparts and aiming to reach a settlement soon.

If Pakistan is blacklisted, that could tip its economy into recession.