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10-Jun-2020 00:59

It's really no surprise how futuristic some of these apps are, given how futuristic the sex toy industry as a whole is these days.Currently on the market are a vibrator that records the inside of your vagina, a DIY vibrator you can program yourself, a vibrator that fits around a pool toy (really), a dildo that can be controlled by brain sensors, a vibrating vaginal implant, and an actual ejaculating sex toy for artificial insemination.

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Toys of Eros presents: You’ve visited us, and now we’re coming to you!

If you wanted to, you could really fill up a whole page of your phone's app display with apps for your vibrators (though it may drain your data).

From helping you connect with a long-distance partner to synching with your music library to controlling your toys via cartoon characters, they're capable of some pretty amazing things.

We’re excited to let you know about the launch of our Sex Toy Box Subscription. And the boys at Toys of Eros in Provincetown are spreading the word. And just because you buy it in a drug store doesn’t mean it’s good.

As a VIP, you are entitled to an extra 15% discount on your first box. Subscribers receive an elegantly packaged box every 3 months, filled with unique, quality toys, lotions, literature and a variety of sensual accoutrements, curated especially for you. There are many kinds of douches with many different attachments.

Sex Toys Box Subscriptions Every 3 months, you’ll receive a package that will instantly spark excitement and desire.