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17-Nov-2019 01:41

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Somebody suggested to me it could be a satellite but it would not behave in that way and it wouldn~t be the bright orange colour.

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"I tried taking a picture of it with my mobile but the light was not bright enough.

"It was orange and pulsing and what looked like other coloured lights within it, but the main colour was orange.~ Meanwhile, further south Frank Pearsons, 89, watched a "different and strange" orange light over his home in Ipswich late last on Wednesday, August 5.

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Mr Goodchild, who has flown since 1991, said he initially thought it was a low-flying chopper but quickly realised the light was unusual.

Malcolm Vicary, of Old Catton, Norwich, said he was also intrigued by the suspected UFO that night.

He added: "You can even see it appears to rotate clockwise for maybe 20 seconds then anti-clockwise for the next and so forth. "Maybe there's a simple explanation but I haven't a clue what it was." Mr Young spoke out after dozens of mysterious orange lights were spotted all over Norfolk, including Norwich, Dereham, Downham Market, Holkham and Caister.

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Andrew Goodchild, 42, a helicopter pilot, was baffled by an unidentified orange light he saw over Norwich just before 10pm on August 2."I imagine anyone living in south-east Ipswich could have seen it - it was so bright and it was quite high up in the sky." He added: "At about 11.45pm I saw a speedy flash of silver dash into the orange globe. "And then about 15 minutes later I saw the same silver flash shoot out of the other side of the globe and there were two more flashes from it at 15-minute intervals until about 12.30am." Mr Pearsons said it was the first UFO he had ever seen.

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