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22-Apr-2020 13:13

For example, measures of psychological well-being have been developed to identify individuals suffering from anxiety and depression.Evaluation is concerned with the measurement of changes over time.Responsiveness:: does the instrument detect changes over time that matter to patients?These criteria are not precisely or uniformly described in the literature; nor can they be prioritised in terms of importance, rather they should be considered in relation to the proposed application.Interpretability: how interpretable are the scores of the instrument?Precision: how precise are the scores of the instrument?Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) can have three broad measurement objectives: discrimination, evaluation and prediction [5].

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It is difficult to give general recommendations as to what makes an instrument appropriate for a given application, because this ultimately depends on the users' specific questions and the content of instruments.Further information relating to these criteria can be found in the following report: Fitzpatrick R, Davey C, Buxton MJ, and Jones DR Evaluating patient-based outcome measures for use in clinical trials. Available free from is the extent to which instrument content is appropriate to the particular application.Careful consideration should be given to the aims of the application, with reference to areas of health concern, i.e.For example, Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) administered before and after treatment, are used as outcome measures in clinical trials.

standards for validating health measures definition and content-62

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Prediction is concerned with classifying patients when a criterion is available to determine whether the classification is correct.

The format of patient-reported instruments can also influence acceptability.

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