Taurus men dating cancer women

30-Apr-2020 01:23

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He doesn't talk trash his Exes which I think is a good sign that he is a good person. It might have been more, but there was always something going on with either one of us. I'm sure you Taurus women know how we need more intimacy than a hug or cuddle. I can tell he was hurt before because he is very cautious with me.. he moved in - one day he borrowed my car; that was two weeks ago, I haven't seen him or my car since - YOU CAN HAVE THE CREEP - I'm not saying all Cancer men are like him but I don't want to try another one!

I just hope to find another one of these beautiful creatures :) I am interested to this Cancer guy. I found him very expressive, honest, practical and respectful. : PI've known my Cancer for 5 years or so, just as friends. He wants to continue to be friends with me and take things slow, which is impossible for me. usually I just let him get over it and in time he is calling me again.. im patient I have known this Cancer for 6 years; the last 3 months we became "close".

I know he's been hurt before, but I have no intentions to change him or hurt him. All the girls at work would throw themselves at him and jus act like groupies and that made me pay even less attention to him.

I also appreciate that we both don't want to rushed into a pell-mell of chaos, so we're just taking it easy. He is impossible to read, always speaking in riddles and leaving me to read between the lines. Never have I fallen so hard for any other sign in my whole dating experiences. I met a Cancer at work and at first we didn't really even speak, I always thought he was cute but also thought he was a player.

if they trust you with their feelings, they will share them. but when u get adjusted to that they are just the person u ever wanted to be with... He has not said it but I can feel it in his voice, conversations, and while we are cuddling together. we are very good friends, he keeps giving signals to me that he loves me and im the BEST match for him. IDK if she really knows this cuz I've been too afraid to tell her but I'm giving up my entire life to go be w/ her and start something new. ", so I banished the hope, stopped the dreams, and killed the spark. I'm looking forward to seeing where our relationship will go Omg me and my Cancer just started going together and I love him so much he keeps me laugh I love everything about him... He don't wanna hurts me and he already telling me that he wants to marry me...god set me up....

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