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05-Jan-2020 15:51

Here are few of the benefits that screens and technology can bring our kids, when used in moderation: Once you’ve broached the subject, it’s a good idea to talk about the side effects of screen addiction.The Zigler Family team put together 7 topics (and how to overcome them) on the side effects of screen addiction to explore with your kids: As parents, our goal is to protect our kids from cyberbullying and reduce the potential impact it might have on them.Even if you didn’t create an email or message, simply forwarding it to friends means you have participated in the bullying of another and are now part of the problem.If you delete it and refuse to pass it on, you become part of the solution.

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You can also expect to see a shift in social media engagement from mostly tablets as children to mostly (59% of the time) phones.

Fortunately, by the time your children are young adults, they start to exhibit a more balanced use of their screen time (versus children heavily weighted to watching activities and teenagers peaking on social media).