Updating authority files

18-Apr-2020 01:48

Catalogers may import these into Orbis as they encounter them.Series authority records should be updated in Orbis only when adding information pertaining to local series analysis and classification decisions in the 090, 644, or 646 fields (or, more rarely, when adding a local note in a 690 field).If national-level updates to the authority record are needed, go to step 4.If you find a locally-created authority record in Orbis (these records do not contain an 010 field), go to step 2. Step 2: Search heading in a national authorities database Either of these two national authorities databases may be used: Step 3: Create the authority record in the OCLC "Online Save File" according to NACO practice.in the library catalog or the file of bibliographic records, and are listed in an authority file containing headings of library items.[under revision] To ensure consistency, an authority record is created for each authorized heading (authorized access point) for a proper name or a subject, etc.

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Wait and update the record once the warning message has disappeared.However, not all diacritics have been tested, so please report any that don't copy properly!

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