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06-Feb-2020 07:14

I expect improvements in this area over the coming months.

While Microsoft tools up to fix how Outlook deals with contacts, you can make contacts work almost as well as they do on Windows 10 Mobile.

This does not mean that the Outlook dev team are happy campers.

A statement in the Outlook FAQ says that “.” I know from talking to the Outlook team that contacts are a big priority for them.

The important thing to know is that the synchronization is one-way from Exchange to i Cloud.

In other words, if you add or change a contact in Exchange, that update will synchronize to the device.

The i OS and Android app stores contains multiple third-party apps designed to help people organize contacts in many different ways by creating groups of contacts, detecting and removing duplicate contacts, and so on.

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However, useful as they are, the big downside with Outlook contacts is that they are unavailable to other apps.Outlook for i OS has its own People section that synchronizes with the contacts stored in a user’s Exchange mailbox (on-premises or cloud – including Outlook.com).