Updating furnace filter

16-Sep-2020 17:58

Your furnace’s control board has a separate fuse that protects it from getting too hot. 13 Common Causes First the bad news: electric furnace problems can be frustrating.

If someone is poking around your furnace and is not too careful, they could more wires so that they come into contact with the furnace’s wire frame, causing them to short and blow the fuse on the furnace board. There are so many possible causes that it can be time consuming to discover the correct diagnosis. You can prevent almost all of these problems by regularly maintaining your HVAC system.

If you have a gas furnace, one of the valves may be failing.

When a valve is unable to open and close properly, it can sometimes heat up, causing an electrical short that blows a fuse.

Find out more from our helpful guide: HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contracts: How to Find the Right One for Your HVAC Infrastructure.

We need to change our air filter for our Trane XE70 heater after fumigation, but we accidentally threw away the old air filter before taking a picture of it. Each model of the XE 70 furnace may take a different size of air filter. This being said you should really think about updating your furnace as your furnace is very old and possibly unsafe.

It’s possible they put in a fuse that was too small to handle the capacity of your heating system. Again, if you haven’t had your furnace maintained in a few years, the parts may be dirty.

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Eventually, a wire gets so loose that it causes a short, leaving you with an electric furnace that’s not heating.It’s possible that the problem could turn out to be with your electrical system rather than the furnace itself, but your HVAC system is the most likely suspect, so it makes sense to start there.Electric furnace problems can be tricky to solve because there are so many possible causes, and also because the problem can be intermittent.Pay attention to details so you can provide your technician with as much information as possible.

Does the fuse blow when the system starts up or when it’s been running a while?Learn more: 10 Fall Maintenance Tasks That Prevent HVAC Repair Have there been any water leaks, from the furnace or anywhere nearby?