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29-Jan-2020 17:20

If you call Kia Customer (complete-and-utter-lack of) Service, they'll tell you t go to the dealer and if the dealer says they can't help, you *will* be advised to try another dealer and that Kia Oz has no control over what the dealerships do. I thought my Kia was excellent and I miss its many fine attributes.I don't miss *their* inept and/or lazy service departments, nor Kia Oz's attitude towards their buyers.I purchased my car prior to this however I am not sure of any map program.When I questioned why the Kia's are always behind Hyundai with an almost identical unit he dismissed it Having just spoken with Kia a couple of days ago about my faulty head unit in my 2016 Kia Sorento, I can tell you they are intending to make you pay if you want the map upgrades.My Sat Nav started freezing and taking forever to load, service centre tried to reset/reprogram but nothing fixed it so they replaced the whole unit.I'm surprised the map version is still 13Q3 Anyone know what exactly is going on with KIA ? In practice, AFAIK Kia releases new maps around each April, but dependent on which dealer you speak to, they have in the past alleged all sorts of things that prevents the job from being done.) So I told them this and on 4th visit, they finally managed to update the maps to 2014 Q3.In mid-2016, this version of maps is still outdated, but it is still better than what I had before.

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I love this car and it drives quite well, but at the same time, I'd also expect all promises made by Kia when we bought this car.

Hi Have previously had contact from a Kia rep and I have asked the questions about the cost of upgrading maps. I will be contacting the ACCC if there is to be a cost.