Updating ms access from a form

05-Aug-2020 10:34

Total Firkins) AS Total In Period FROM qry Firkins By Customer Within Date Range GROUP BY qry Firkins By Customer Within Date Range. Ship Date FROM qry Firkins Total Per Order WHERE (((qry Firkins Total Per Order. [Orders].[Start Date] And Date())); The process involves calculating how many firkins (beer volume) the current customer has bought over a defined number of weeks including items in the current order, for which items are added via the subform. This is the SQL but it may not be too clear what's going on as this is at the end of a string of queries. Customer ID, Sum(qry Firkins By Customer Within Date Range. Sum Of Firkins AS Total Firkins, qry Firkins Total Per Order. If you need to update some field of underlying dataset, you can write something like If your form has control bound to "Some Field", then the form will be updated automatically.If this will not help, you can look to a couple of another directions: 1) Update records using SQL code.The completion_status for other records in the forms can be toggled between Yes (checked) and No (unchecked) using the check box control.

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What might be causing the forms to not display that data? There is of course an ID for the job (Just not shown, no need to be visible), but how would I access this to perform an operation on it?