Updating using linq Sex hindhi chat rooms

15-Sep-2019 13:38

This is because linq (=lanuguage integrated query) is ment to be used for queries on collections.

All linq-methods don´t modify the underlying collection, they just , however it simply hides it from the client.

Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is not only about retrieving data. By using a LINQ query, you can use a source sequence as input and modify it in many ways to create a new output sequence.

(There's nothing worse than seeing a post that says "Here is the exact answer you need", Click, and Dead URL.) Although you specifically asked for a linq-solution and this question is quite old I post a non-linq-solution.

LINQ queries make it easy to transform data between in-memory data structures, SQL databases, ADO. The following example transforms objects in an in-memory data structure into XML elements.

For more information, see Creating XML Trees in C# (LINQ to XML).

If you do not have this database on your development computer, you can download it from the Microsoft Download Center.

For instructions, see Downloading Sample Databases. Furthermore, the output sequence of one query can be used as the input sequence for a new query.

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