Updating wwii discharge papers

27-Jan-2020 11:27

When I was older I learned that after he returned home, my grandfather had done terrible things that no husband or father should ever do to his family.The one story that has stayed with me is the one about the night he, in a fit of rage and in full view of my father, who was only 4 or 5, grabbed my grandmother by the hair at the dinner table, dragged her into the bathroom and stuck her head face first into the toilet.The photo is black and white, though I can tell his arms are as tan as they are trim, and he is looking up with a smile that belies his predicament. When he returned from Okinawa in the fall of 1946, he went to work as a tractor mechanic in his father’s shop, where he had easy access to the brown liquor being served at the bar next door.

After two days of sightseeing with a friend, my wife and I met with an experienced amateur battlefield historian named Jack Letscher, in the lobby of a Hilton resort that overlooks the East China Sea. Already hot and sweaty, my wife and I followed Letscher across a parking lot and down a narrow sidewalk to an elevated crosswalk that arched over a busy four-lane highway.Years later, my father told me that he would have liked to have found a way to forgive his father. He said his tank company had been nearly wiped out in a fierce battle — though it wasn’t a battle that anyone had ever heard anything about.