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27-Nov-2019 16:26

Check out what our health expert, Sandy, has to say on this one, too!

I hope you haven’t been worrying about this, because masturbation has absolutely no effect on your period.

It isn’t really a surprise to know that a lot of people enjoy the thrill of having someone watch them while they do nasty things.

And since doing indecent things in public would definitely get you in jail, people who love being watched as they explore their sexuality turn to the internet to show the world how dirty they can be.

'" says Meg Zweiback, a nurse practitioner and family consultant in Oakland, California. And although explicit sex play in older children is often a tip-off to sexual abuse or exposure to inappropriate sexual material, this is extremely unlikely to be the case with young children.

They simply don't have the imaginative skills for this kind of behavior.

She may be just as curious about her genitals as she is about her fingers, toes, and belly button – and if she's recently switched from diapers to underpants, she may be able to get to them for the first time. It doesn't cause physical harm, pose a health risk, or mean your child is going to turn into a sex maniac.

"When parents first see this kind of exploration, they wonder 'is this normal? Masturbation in young children isn't sexual (as it is for adults) because young children don't know what sex is.

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