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19-Sep-2020 01:21

Debt verification letters are particularly important to use if you have an overly aggressive debt collector.

In short, collectors who don’t have enough information to actually collect the debt may come on very strong in order to get you to pay before you start asking too many questions.

However, if you say that you do own that debt, the clock could restart. For example, if you simply need more information about a debt, say so.

Or if you truly believe you don’t owe the debt at all, simply say so.

Congress passed the FDCPA to protect consumers and keep them from paying debts they do not owe.

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Here, you’re that you won’t be paying them a dime until you understand more about the debt.

The validation letter will also have a number of statements of your rights, including: that they have assumed your debt to be valid unless you dispute in 30 days; a statement that the collector has 30 days to respond to you if you dispute the debt and ask for more information, and; that if you request more information about the initial creditor and debt that they must provide it in 30 days.

Back to Top Remember that companies often For example, that letter may contain cryptic information such as 123 Debt Co.

Taking on debt and trapping yourself in the cycle is never something for which to strive.

Debt can keep you from achieving the things you want to and can make everything just that much harder.They must send the debt letter to consumers at least five days after the collector makes first contact with the consumer.

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