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11-Jan-2020 20:49

These topics can be incorporated into school curriculum in an intentional way so that school personnel, students and families could have an idea how these topics are addressed and where students can go for support and assistance.In this, families will have an understanding of how these topics are addressed and by whom.That said, a good question educators can ask when deciding whether or not it is appropriate to discuss, is: Does it help us accomplish our vision and mission as a school?If the answer is yes, it’s our responsibility to address it.

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Younger children tend to have lots of questions and are concerned about their own safety and the safety of their families and friends.

This presentation will focus on ensuring that counselors understand their responsibility to validate that a-g courses are being labeled and listed accurately on a transcript, learning where and how to validate a-g courses, especially if the courses were taken out of district, and discussing how the completion of courses that meet the UC a-g criteria can be used to partially meet the California School Dashboard College and Career Indicator.

Target Audience: High School Edith Cruz has worked as a college and career counselor for more than six years.

Part of our responsibility it is to provide students with unconditional positive regard, which allows students to process through their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment.

Harris: The most significant reason these issues are so sensitive and complex is because there are a variety of perspectives and experiences that result in each person responding differently to an event like a mass shooting, for example.Offering students the opportunity to journal or free-write about such events can also facilitate students’ own meaning-making.

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