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It used to mean going out to dinner, to the movies, etc.with someone of the opposite sex, but now it's often used as a euphemism for regularly having sex with casual partners of the opposite or same sex.The emperor himself, writing to the Churches after the Council of Nicaea.exhorts them to adopt its conclusions and says among other things: "At this meeting the question concerning the most holy day of Easter was discussed, and it was resolved by the united judgment of all present that this feast ought to be kept by all and in every place on one and the same day.And first of all it appeared an unworthy thing that in the celebration of the Jews. 58-59) we learn that the dispute now lay between the Christians of Syria and Mesopotamia and the rest of the world.who have impiously defiled their hands with enormous sin. The important Church of Antioch was still dependent upon the Jewish calendar for its Easter.Usually friends of both the man and the woman arrange these kinds of dates.Note: For advanced learners: As taboos against sex before marriage and homosexuality have gradually weakened in Western society, the usage of "dating" has changed.

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Easter Controversy Ecclesiastical history preserves the memory of three distinct phases of the dispute regarding the proper time of observing Easter. Synods and assemblies of bishops were held on this account, and all with one consent through mutual correspondence drew up an ecclesiastical decree that the mystery of the Resurrection of the Lord should be celebrated on no other day but the Sunday and that we should observe the close of the paschal fast on that day only." These words of the Father of Church History. or whether Christians should observe the Holy Day of the Jews.