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22-Jun-2020 12:48

Suzuki stuck by me when I had all kinds of injuries and wasn’t riding for years and they’re still with me whenever I need anything. I’ve always gone through Jeff Cernic and he helped me out when I was younger and we literally couldn’t afford to get to the track.Suzuki and Cernic’s really made it all possible so I try to stay as loyal as I can. Louis Supercross in 2009, it didn’t really go the way you wanted it to. If I did nothing else for three to five months but train and ride, and my knee didn’t go out, and my shoulders didn’t give out, and my body didn’t give out, and I didn’t crash and everything went right for three to five months, about a seventh would be the best I could possibly do.We were originally worried about selling out one arena, but this is going so much better than we ever could have imagined. Everyone’s talking about it, we have the financial guys in place to do it, but it’s a matter of if we want to do it and if we think we can put on a show that we think the U. That’s a good thing, it’s the best country in the world to live in, but the truth is that it’s tough to impress people there. Then there’s Speed and Style and Moto X Best Trick.We’ve been selling out two or three nights in a row and the crowds have been on their feet just screaming and yelling. We feel like it’s something that could work in the States, but before we came over [to Australia] we just didn’t know. I don’t have the “TP Roll” dialed in even as well as last year, and then it was only about 50%.I’m not going to show up if I think I’m only going to get third or fourth or fifth or whatever, or if I have something that’s not innovative.I could do a variation of the double flip pretty easy, but really, who cares? He’s like 5’1”, weighs 120 pounds and throws the biggest whips I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s a super, super cool guy who comes from a racing background. Andy Bell stopped working with Ogio and has been helping with the marketing of Nitro, and basically there were a few guys on that team who have been close with Nitro and done some filming and what not, and it just seemed like a pretty good fit.It’s kind of funny, one of the guys producing it right now helped produce High School Musical, so when [Gregg Godfrey] is away this guy keeps everyone in line. We didn’t have a TV in our dorm (laughs) but everyone from skaters to gymnasts to the BMXers were into it. I do wish James hadn’t got hurt this year though because I think the show would have been more accepted by fans.The new season is going to be absolutely epic and I’m really excited about it. You hear people say he’s not racing because he has his TV show and this and that, but the guy is still amazing and he unfortunately just got hurt.

We’ll see if it works over there and then maybe we’ll bring it to the United States. Shoot man, freestyle is a good time but I just do it for fun now.

At MTV they wanted us to be more like the Jackass crew and that wasn’t really our style so it’s been awesome to do this for FUEL TV.

Are you guys filming for the second season of right now?

We have the same sponsors and same agency, and recently she came out to try the mega ramp.

She’s the only girl to have hit that on a skateboard and we wanted to get her for the Nitro tour.

How did you meet her and how long have you guys been together?