When is it ok to kiss when dating

29-May-2020 20:58

And it would be hard to say you’re acting “with absolute purity” if you did. I’m not going to say you have to wait until your wedding to kiss, because the Bible doesn’t clearly say that. If you decide to kiss before marriage, you haven’t necessarily sinned.And where the Bible leaves things open, we have freedom. But there are some practical things to consider: I’ve officiated my share of weddings, and I’ve never once heard someone say that they wished they had gone farther physically before marriage.Also, just because Jacob did something doesn’t mean that it was necessarily right; he made a lot of questionable decisions.A more relevant verse is 1 Corinthians , which says to “flee from sexual immorality.” Now, kissing isn’t necessarily the sexual immorality that it’s telling us to flee from; it’s saying to flee from any kind of sex outside of marriage.

You definitely would French kiss your sister, for instance.The Bible does talk quite a bit about kissing, including at least one clear instance of kissing before marriage.In fact, in that case (Genesis ), you have a guy (Jacob) kissing his future wife (Rachel) the first time they meet, sort of like a first date.The “warmth” and “sustained contact” of three kisses “gives one a chance to remember the person’s name as well as recollect where you saw them last.” 2. Neel Shah, a writer on NBC’s upcoming sitcom, Friends With Benefits, said that, on several occasions recently, he has been on the receiving end of “a closed-mouth, lip-to-lip kiss.” As he said: “It’s thrown me every time it’s happened.” “L. seems to me to have a much more lax greeting-kiss-culture than does New York,” said Neel Shah, who spent five years doing “the 'double kiss hello’” at NYC cocktail parties.3.

STAY TO THE RIGHTIn New York, greeting and kissing has lately become very perplexing.

However, kissing was more of a common greeting then, like a hug or a handshake today; the Bible also talks about Jacob kissing his dad (Genesis -27), his brother (Genesis 33:4), and his uncle, whom he’d also never met before (Genesis ).