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Alfre Woodard, an African American actress, was born on this date in 1953.Born in Tulsa, OK, she is the youngest of three children.She belongs to North American ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Woodard went to Bishop Kelley High School, a private Catholic school in Tulsa where she graduated in 1970.Woodard is born to Constance, a homemaker, and Marion H. Later, she studied drama at Boston University, from which she graduated. After her breakthrough role in the Off-Broadway play .She has won four Emmys, one Golden Globe as well as three Screen Actors Guild Awards.Woodard often makes appearances in politically charged dramas, because of her ability to induce gravitas into any scene or storyline she performs.

Woodard has been nominated for an Academy and Grammy Award once and 18 times for an Emmy Award.

She studied drama and graduated from Boston University.

Woodward is a busy and highly acclaimed actress worldwide.

Alfre Woodard portrays the role of Betty Applewhite on Desperate Housewives.

Alfre Ette Woodard is the youngest of three children born to her parents in Oklahoma.

More recent productions include "Speak Truth to Power," (2000), "American Exile" (2001)as narrator), "The Wild Thornberrys" (2002)"A Wrinkle In Time" (2003 TV Miniseries), "Radio" (2003), "The Forgotten" (2004), "Night Train" (2005), "Beauty Shop "(2005) and "42.4 Percent" (2006).