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03-Aug-2020 09:20

America was brought up from Los Angeles, California and she people mostly remember America because of her lead work within the television series like Ugly Betty which was in the year 2006 till 2010 where she was gave up with the lead role as Betty Suarez.America along with this is also the winner of Best Actress Award that was provided by Golden Globe and also award winner of Screen Actors Guild Award.America height is 5 feet 1 inches in tall and she is also called out with her nick name Georgina.

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There are no any extra affair stories viewing her bio except her relationship with her spouse by taking good time in career as well.Ryan Piers Williams (born May 13, 1981) is an American actor, director, and writer, from El Paso, Texas.He studied film at the University of Texas at Austin and made several student short films while there.During the casting of USC which is the popular student film America and Ryan met for the very first time and since from the moment they started their dating.

The rumors of them getting engaged turned true in June 2010 which later turned into married life in June 27 of 2011 which was actually 1 years after their engagement.Among fans of MILFs, Ariella Ferrera has become quite the popular name, despite being in the scene for a shorter time than many of her peers.

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