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The second part of the estate is the four bedroom contemporary main house.Built in 2010, the home measures 7,124 square feet and is located on a beautiful, cascading grounds built by using energy-conservation technology along with recycled toxin-free materials.Then came the moment of truth when Britney mouthed the word ‘girl’ to the camera and it was indeed the moment she realized that her gay bestie was actually straight. For someone people think is gay, he has had a handful of hook ups, Ryan does not seem to be dating anyone at the moment, though the rumor mill would beg to differ.We doubt that everyone will magically believe he is not gay overnight (Simon did his work well), but there you have it, if you call Ryan Seacrest gay, you are brutally wrong. Apparently he has been spending an ample amount of time with the model, Adriana Lima.The main house boasts elegant yet stylish living spaces and has an open floor plan along with combination of game room, bar and home theater.

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He is a popular director, producer and writer as well.

Before that interview in 2013, if she was asked the question, ‘is Ryan Seacrest gay? Well, this is how the story goes, Britney and will.were being interviewed by Ryan on his i Heart Radio show in 2013 and they started chatting about their relationships with women, much to Britney’s surprise.