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Let’s illustrate things with this excerpt from the Rick James autobiography .

(As a side note, don’t go arguing that James was a funk musician instead of a rock artist; clearly clinically nuts, the dude was way more rock ’n’ roll than anyone who’s ever played Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Burning Man.)After noting that at one point he was running a “stable” of three or four women, James recalled in that he wasn’t overly skilled at being a pimp.“I lacked the hard-edged discipline and cold-blooded attitude a good pimp requires,” he wrote.

“If my bitch said she was too tired to work, I said go home.

If she said some john had beat her, I’d find the john and beat his ass. I let the girls go and went back to my music.”That’s right—the man decided that he was better at making music than at trying to re-create the business models of Huggy Bear, Willie Dynamite, or Guido in . Earlier this year, after allegations began to surface on the Internet, but before formal charges were laid, Hoggard and Hedley issued a Facebook statement.

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I’m sorry.” The band also released a statement, as some of the allegations were directed at all of the group members, including guitarist Dave Rosin , bassist Tommy Mac and drummer Jay Beni.(Clarifying things for a second, whatever happened with Hoggard and his accusers—and again, you can find no shortage of gross stories from a multitude of women online at legitimate sources like the CBC—no allegations have been proven in court.Also, while we’ll concede that it’s unfair to say Hedley ruined everything for everyone, Hoggard technically isn’t Hedley, but he might as well be, considering he founded the band and no one knows the names of anyone else who plays in Hedley.)In the wake of the #Me Too tidal wave, behaviour that was, appallingly, once considered okay in certain circles is now anything but.However, there was always a line that we would never cross.”Hoggard is hardly the first music celebrity to be rocked by allegations in 2018.

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He has an ever-growing list of company that ranges from the high-profile likes of Maynard James Keenan to sad also-rans like Crystal Castle’s Ethan Kath.No one is going to stop star struck fans from hooking up with their idols, no matter how gross those idols might be.