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26-Aug-2020 12:31

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Bumble has a photo verification AI which is a guarantee that the person you are talking to is who they say they are, and yes ladies, Bumble is women-oriented.

It empowers women by giving them the ability to control the conversation when finding friends, dating, and networking online, and it has made it very, very necessary for women (hence, acceptable) to make the first move.

Women are in charge in Bumble, which has led to lowest reports of harassment and abuse.

In general, it is obvious that dating apps have become common, is becoming common, in a country like Nepal, where constant dating before marriage is still a taboo.

A subsequent study found that when a target was less available, participants reported greater willingness to take that person to a fancy restaurant and shell out even more money for the date.

Overall, these findings tell us that the illusion of scarcity isn’t just an effective marketing strategy for merchandisers; it can also help you score a date and potentially keep them coming back for more.

The dating app that is right now among Nepali young adults is Tinder, though.

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I still remember a few years ago, when Facebook was the ‘It Girl” of social media in Nepal, I used to make online boyfriends through it and break them off after a week (in my defense, I was 15 years old and stupid) and I had to delete my Facebook account as a repercussion of my actions.Through a little research, I found out that Nepali youth use online dating, and they do so for many reasons; many believe they are discriminated against by their possible significant other, based on their appearance, and many are terrified of the physical closure.

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