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However, the Book of Arda Viraf elaborates on all manner of punishment, which are so disgusting that E. West’s translation in Sacred Books of the East broke off midway, explaining: “From here onward the pictures of the tortured souls become too nauseous to follow.” Indeed, they may also be forced to ingest and devour horrid things (their own corpses, flesh and excrement, menstrual fluids and semen, blood and brains from skulls of the dead and their own children).Other punishments may be even more gruesome, including hanging (particularly upside-down), dismemberment, decapitation, laceration, mutilation and self-mutilation by cutting, gnawing, devouring, gnashing, piercing, beating, tearing, trampling, stinging and dragging.Zoroastrianism flourished on the Iranian plateau for 1200 years, from the sixth century BCE to the seventh century CE and the rise of Islam in that region, and survives today among less than 200,000 faithful, mostly in India and eastern Iran.The religion is based on the teachings of Zoroaster (Zarathustra), a prophet from northeastern Iran.

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This makes it difficult to get a sense of the geography of the place.Zoroastrianism probably does introduce the idea of final judgment or Apocalypse (Frashegird or Frashokereti ).